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R & D Team
  R&D team has more than 40 people, including professors, Doctors, bachelors and senior engineers.
  In the team, 7 people has more than 20 years' experience in R&D, 15 more than 10 years' experience, 12 more than 12 years' experience and 9 more than 3 years' experience.
  The team members engage in R&D for a long time and gain lots of experience to develop products at customer's need.
  Advanced instruments and reliable test equipment are powerful tools for R&D team and RoHS tester can guarantee environmentally-friendly products.
  Leader: Jian Wang
  With a postgraduate qualification, Jian Wang is Vice Chairman of the council enterprise for CIAPS (China Industrial Association of Power Source) Lithium Battery Part and one of the core contributors for the birth of Chinese lithium manganese dioxide coin cell. In 1999, Jian Wang was appointed as commissioner of Primary Battery Standard and technology committee by the State Bureau of Technical Supervision and drafted the 5 national standards. He is the main inventor and patentee for the corporate intellectual property and the chairman of the board, Director of R&D director and the chief engineer of Power Glory.
  Technical Expert: Yong Pan
  As a Doctor, professor and tutor of Ph.D. candidate, Yong Pan devotes himself to the Applied Science Research and development of information and energy materials in electric and battery industry, especially in the field of electroplating surface process. He completed the research and development of 5 kinds of new technology with intellectual property rights in China. Meanwhile, his academic achievement is published by many celebrated journals at home and abroad such as Scripta Materialia and patents applied are up to 10.