Talent Concept

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Talent Concept
  Human resource management principles
  From the strategic needs of the company, we will formulate a strategic plan for human resources, strengthen the concept of "Human resources are the first resource", and create an environment and atmosphere in which "everyone can become talented" and "everyone can succeed"。 Through a scientific and rational employment system and working mechanism, on the one hand, we are committed to bringing together all the talents who can contribute wisdom, enhance their ability and create performance for the company. On the other hand, they find talents available within the enterprise, cultivate and reserve talents. Promote the effective allocation and rational flow of human resources throughout the company, and provide strong talent guarantee and intellectual support for the company's sustainable and healthy development.
  Selection and appointment
  The company relies on career, culture and treatment to attract all kinds of talents needed to create value for the company's development.
  The company adheres to the criteria of "employing talents and talents, taking morality first", and has a selection and appointment mechanism that is open, fair, fair, full of vitality and vitality, and is conducive to outstanding talents. Every employee can work hard to improve performance and achieve development. Those who have outstanding talents and outstanding contributions can be promoted.
  Talent cultivation and development
  Attach great importance to the cultivation and development of talents. Create and provide opportunities and space for all employees to develop and provide talents, and promote the company's human capital value through systematic training organization and operation mode.
  Reserve talent training is the top priority of the company's talent training. In accordance with the principles of clear standards, structural optimization, emphasis on training, and intensive exercise, we will strive to build a team of high-quality, compound reserve talents with international vision, professional background, grassroots work experience, and multi-post practice.
  Assessment and evaluation
  Based on the company's core values, the company's assessment is based on the company's core values, advocates a high-performance culture, and establishes a sound employee evaluation system based on the principles of openness, fairness, and impartiality, objectively evaluates employee performance and talent performance, and adheres to employee performance and department and business. The business performance is linked to promote self-development and continuous improvement of employees and improve their core competitiveness.
  Salary and benefits
  The company implements a diversified compensation and welfare system based on job value, oriented to performance and capability, with reasonable structure, market competitiveness, regional differences and corporate characteristics. Adhere to the employee income and the business performance of the department and the company, establish a normal wage growth mechanism for the employees who adapt to the characteristics of the market economy and the sustainable development of the enterprise, and effectively exert the incentive and guarantee effect of the salary and benefits on the employees. The additional innovation and value-added part of employees in production and operation, implement the mechanism for employees and enterprises to implement benefit sharing.
  In addition, in order to develop talents, the company has developed a series of incentive mechanisms to enable the company to attract talents, retain talents, and develop talents. Some senior management personnel and core technical personnel of the company directly or indirectly hold the company's equity through the equity incentive plan, which guarantees the consistency of the above-mentioned personnel and the company's interests to a certain extent.
  With the development of the company's business, the scale of production and operation continues to expand. Although the company currently has experienced technical teams and management teams, the demand for high-level management talents and technical talents will continue to increase. Not only that, but the competition for talents in the industry is also becoming increasingly fierce, so the company sincerely invites talented people who are willing to grow with the company to join our team!