Ultra-high power lithium-manganese button batteries are the latest technology research and development products of the company, with super-strong working current and wide temperature range of use. At present, a number of test data have reached the desired standard, and have applied for invention patents. This product can replace some other kinds of batteries and be applied in the fields of RFID tag, medical equipment, security alarm device, CPC card and so on.



Power Glory Battery Tech (Shenzhen)CO.,LTD specializes in research, development, production and sales of primary lithium batteries. It’s established in 2004. With steady development for more than 10 years, it now owns one branch (Dongguan Branch), 2 wholly-owned subsidiaries (Yichang Power Glory Battery Tech CO., LTD and Wuhan Bonne Tech CO., LTD), and one holding subsidiary (Power Glory Battery Tech (Hong Kong) CO., LTD). 

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