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Power Glory Technology attended the 16th IOT exhibition
Inform Letter ——“Omnergy” & “Lijia” button battery positive electrode literal design change
Lijia Technology Conflict Minerals Policy Announcement
Lijia Technology unveiled at the 28th Munich Electronic Components Exhibition
Lijia Technology withdraws from the "2018 China Button Battery Top Ten Brand Selection" voting statement
Our company will participate in the 4th Shanghai International Internet of Things Exhibition
"Save water and energy, ensure water safety" - Lijia Technology Water Conservation Proposal
Lijia Technology IOTE2017 Summer Exhibition Invitation
Lijia Technology 2017 Fifth China Electronic Information Expo Invitation
August 31, 2016--Zhou Jianxin's lecture on 7S site specification
August 28, 2016 - Xiong Chaoqun teacher performance 100 training
August 16, 2016--Zhou Wei lectures on environmental protection courses
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2016-06-10 08:57
July 5, 2016 - Awarding outstanding employees in May
May 22, 2016--Birthday employees 猇 Pavilion ancient battlefield play
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